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Cycubix helps clients understand the threats, their vulnerabilities and how to manage their cyber risk.

Organisations must protect their information and systems and ensure that security is an integral part of their operations and the products they offer. Cycubix helps clients understand the threats, their vulnerabilities and how to manage their cyber risk. Our extensive industry knowledge spans retail, investment financial institutions, government bodies, telcos, software houses and technology startups and our in-depth understanding of the technical environment allows us to develop a customised strategy to manage cybersecurity.

Cycubix plays an active role in the information security industry and has access to a global network of expertise dedicated to applying innovative thinking to the application security requirements of organisations in the real world – this insight informs everything we do, the technologies we work with and the knowledge and skills we share.

Cybersecurity challenges are constantly evolving and many organisations lack the skills needed to identify and mange the risk to the business. The latest knowledge and expertise is essential. Where there is a skills gap or a lack of budget to invest in a full-time CISO, a Virtual CISO can be a flexible and highly effective alternative. By applying extensive knowledge and practical experience from across a range of scenarios, a Virtual CISO can help your organisation by:

  • Aligning information security to industry standards and best practices
  • Designing and implementing an effective cybersecurity programme
  • Providing training to technical and non-technical staff
  • Acting as a key liaison to C-level, area managers, internal and external auditors, and third parties

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Secure applications not only support the business goals but also address the security of information needed to adhere to compliance obligations and protect customer data and the corporate reputation.  Cycubix helps clients develop applications that drive efficiency and enhance customer experience without compromising the security of confidential corporate or client information.  from development to operations Cycubix provides insight, experience and expertise essential to build and maintain competitive advantage through secure business applications.

Cloud computing offers greater flexibility, scalability and costs saving over traditional computing. Understanding the information security risks associated with the cloud and being able to devise and implement effective mitigation strategies are critical. Organisations must re‐evaluate existing security risks and engage competent, experienced professionals equipped with the right cloud security knowledge and skills to be successful in benefiting from the power of cloud computing

  • Cloud security risk assessment and management
  • Strategic advice on Cloud Security solutions and implementation
  • Advice to migrate to the cloud in a secure manner
  • Assessment of cloud security controls

Risk management is a proactive approach to identify and understand the threats specific to the organisation and then ensuring that the necessary security policies, practices and technologies are put in place to manage these risks – minimising the possibility of a breach occurring and reducing the impact of a breach in the event that an attacker does gain access to to the organisation.

  • Identification, assessment and mitigation of information security risks
  • Implementation of risk metrics and supporting management information

Cycubix understands the essential role of business applications in an organisation’s success. We focus on ensuring that security is an integral component throughout the application development lifecycle – helping organisations reduce risk, enhance security and safeguard their information and reputation.

Each engagement is as unique as the client and requires a deep understanding of the business context. Solutions are tailored and incorporate best practice consultancy services, leading-edge technologies and the transfer of knowledge and skills to empower clients secure the applications critical to their business.



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