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Security Awareness Training

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At times organisations need specific cybersecurity training – from empowering employees to protect sensitive information, to complying with government and sector specific requirements.

Cycubix can design, develop and deliver the customised training package that best suits these needs.

Design – Cycubix works with clients to understand your business objectives and training requirements. Therefore we design a tailored course for the most relevant and effective learning. We can incorporate specific projects and/or products if required.

Development – We start by understanding of your particular needs. For instance the challenges posed by the technical environment, the threat landscape, and specific compliance requirements. Cycubix then applies best practices, the latest insights, and tools to develop the course content and materials to best meet your organisation’s demands.

Delivery – We deliver your customised Information Security training course through a combination of theory and practical exercises. This format is designed to prompt interactive discussions to maximise the learning experience for the attendees. Training seminars can range from ½ day to multiple days (8 hours) scheduled concurrently or over several weeks. For teams distributed across multiple locations, online cyber security training is a convenient and effective platform to collaborate and use real-world scenarios to develop essential cybersecurity skills – as a team.

Why Custom Cybersecurity Training with Cycubix?

  • Tailored and Relevant – The content and the discussion around each topic is focused on your needs and the environment in which your organisation operates.
  • Learning as a team provides an opportunity to collaborate and learn using real-world scenarios.
  • Convenient – training delivered to your team in-house by an experienced instructor. Training can be scheduled to best suit the teams availability and their learning requirements, helping establish a standard level of expertise within the team. In addition, we offer online cyber security trainings to suit teams across multiple locations.


Course Catalogue

We tailor the course content by drawing from our extensive knowledge and expertise from across a wide range of cybersecurity subjects – ensuring the perfect match of best practices and relevance to your organisation.
Areas covered can include:

Please Contact Us to find out more about customised training  development to help secure critical information and protect your organisation against cyberattacks.