Cost Effective

Tailored to Your Organisation

For organisations with a larger group or team that require training, Team Training is more cost effective and more convenient option. The content can be tailored to specific requirements and the courses can take place at the client’s location or in a local venue. Learning together as a team allows for the discussion to focus the specific circumstances of the organisation, for even more relevant and effective learning. For teams distributed across multiple locations, online cyber security training is a convenient and effective platform to collaborate and use real-world scenarios to develop essential cybersecurity skills – as a team.

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Why Team Training with Cycubix?

  • Best-in-class learning opportunity – Award-winning training delivered to your team in-house by an authorised instructor is cost-effective.
  • Convenient – In addition to money saved, the training can be scheduled to best suit the teams schedule and their particular learning requirements and establishing a standard level of expertise within the team. Our trainings are available as online cyber security trainings to suit teams across multiple locations
  • Tailored and Relevant – The content and the discussion around each topic can be focused on the organisation and the environment it operates. Attendees not only learn best practices but also how they should be applied most effectively and can – in confidence – discuss how they can address the unique challenges they face as a team.
  • Interactive and engaging experiences – Learning as a team provides an opportunity to collaborate and learn using real-world scenarios.
  • Support employee development – As an employer or manager you are demonstrating your commitment to helping your employees keep pace and develop their skills in light of ever changing requirements in managing information security.

Course Catalogue

We offer our full suite of courses in a Team Training format. Please Contact Us to find out more: