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Managing cybersecurity is an essential business function and requires specific knowledge and expertise. A vCISO can help you manage the evolving landscape and ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks.

Organisations, especially those in highly regulated industries, need to maintain compliance with legal and industry mandated requirements.

A Virtual CISO offers a flexible and highly effective alternative to bringing the strategic and operational leadership on security into your organisation to respond to the cybersecurity challenges you face.

  • Alignment with your business objectives – we apply our knowledge and practical experience gained across different sectors, not only to enhance your cybersecurity posture, but also to transform it into a business advantage.
  • Tailored solutions – as no two organisations are the same, our services are customised to meet your needs.
  • Automation – by integrating Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) software solutions into business processes, organisations of all sizes can use resources more efficiently and streamline risk management.
  • Flexibility and cost efficiency – depending on your needs and budget, we can work to a set number of days per month or by project and on either on-site or off-site.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills – we develop cybersecurity awareness at every level of the organisation, from C level to stakeholders, management, staff and third parties.

How our vCISO can help your organisation

We focus on education and preparation as the key components of an efficient Cybersecurity programme. We also use a risk-based approach across all areas and activities covered within our vCISO services.


A Cybersecurity strategy and governance framework is essential to protecting corporate reputation

With an understanding of the risks, risk appetite and the company’s current and desired cybersecurity posture, a cyber security vision and strategy supports your organisation’s business objectives and protects its information assets.

The policies, guidelines and standards best suited for the organisation and its context are designed and implemented using a risk-based approach. These are then reported on, measured, revised and improved to ensure they remain relevant.


Training, Awareness and Leadership

Appropriate awareness training and communication of roles is key to the success of any Cybersecurity program

Cybersecurity awareness across all levels, functional areas and roles (technical and non-technical) promotes compliance with the organisation’s security policies, standards and procedures.

Working closely with the business units and recommending training for new employees and internal/external information security teams can build and support a culture of security awareness.


The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing so risk management is an “ongoing” endeavour

The implementation of an automated process to manage risk identification, documentation, management and resolution helps streamline a formal information risk management programme.

Risk management must also incorporate vendor management guidelines and oversight of vendor risk assessments and define the security clauses for use in Third Party and Vendor agreements.


Protect the organisation’s assets with the appropriate infrastructure and processes

Building the organisation’s infrastructure with a security mindset needs to consider the hardware and software selection as well as defining the security features across all the networks, devices and other channels, and best practice for secure application development.

Once in place there needs to be regular assessments and testing, and constant analysis for suspicious behaviour.


Assure customers and regulators that the business takes cyber security risks seriously

A dedicated liaison for Regulatory bodies, C-level, Area Managers, Privacy Experts, Internal and External auditors, and Third Parties assists with understanding and managing compliance obligations.

By monitoring compliance (ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, etc.) and the effectiveness of security controls through Risk Assessments and Gap Analysis, any shortfalls can be addressed.

Incident Management

Manage your organisation’s reputation by having a cyber incident response and management processes in place

An effective incident response policy needs to align to best practice and include simulations to help ensure the response in the face of an incident is streamlined and efficient.

Regular reviews are needed to cater for new risks. Root cause and lessons learned analysis are essential to preventing re-occurrence and driving continuous improvement.

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Contact us today to find out more about how our Virtual CISO services can help you define and implement a Cybersecurity strategy that ensures the appropriate training, infrastructure and processes are in place for the protection of your organisation’s assets and reputation.

Are you are looking to start your Cybersecurity journey and do not have the expertise needed to define and implement a strategy to address risk and maximise opportunity? Our Cybersecurity Risk Framework – Foundation is designed to help you improve your security posture and mitigate much of the potential exposure, working at your own pace and at a minimal cost.

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