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Cycubix provides the knowledge and expertise to secure critical information and protect organisations against cyberattacks. With over 15 years’ experience and an in-depth understanding of the technical challenges, the threat landscape and compliance issues, Cycubix brings extensive experience from across a diverse range of industries – from financial services to government departments and manufacturing organisations to enable clients identify, understand and manage the security risks and to protect their information.

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What we do and why we do it

Access to the best information security expertise is a constant challenge for organisations. Since the reliance on critical systems and data is constantly increasing, then it becomes essential to empower organisations with the latest knowledge and relevant skills.

At Cycubix we are committed to helping professionals and their employers keep pace with ever changing challenges and requirements associated with managing information security.

We are passionate about education, and are convinced it plays a fundamental role in the development and ongoing management of any cybersecurity programme.

Each engagement is as unique as the client and requires a deep understanding of the business context. We tailor our solutions to your needs and provide you with best practice Training and Consultancy Services.


Cycubix is globally recognised and respected for empowering organisations across all industries to develop and manage their business securely while driving success and growth.


Cycubix enables organisations to protect their critical information – allowing them to focus on their core activities. We prioritise our clients’ business and objectives, and help provide the knowledge and develop the skill-sets required to protect critical information.


We believe Knowledge must be constantly nurtured and developed. This allows individuals and organisations to understand information security better and manage it effectively.
Our Commitment to excellence and Continued improvement ensures that we constantly improve our client experiences. We bring best practices and Innovation to everything we do.
Collaborating with leading professionals, associations and organisations allows us to bring a richer and more informed approach to a solution. Complex challenges are better addressed by sharing experiences and a diverse range of perspectives.

Meet the Management Team

The Cycubix team are experienced senior security specialists with extensive industry knowledge across a range of sectors. These include large retail and financial institutions, government bodies, telcos, software houses and technology startups.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our aim is to provide best in class services to our customers and empower individuals, organisations and communities through knowledge.

We do this by conducting our business with integrity, complying with applicable laws, supporting and respecting human rights, and utilising the Earth’s resources in a responsible way.

CSR Pillars

Human Rights / Communities
We promote respect for and aim to positively impact our people, the communities in which we operate, our environment, and our relationships.

We commit to the well-being of our employees by promoting a healthy, fair and safe working environment. We support their professional development, education, equal opportunity and inclusion.

We strive to treat the environment with due care and to reduce the environmental footprint associated with our operations.

Anti-Corruption/ Marketplace
We conduct business in an ethical and sustainable manner by complying with applicable laws and regulations, working against corruption and making responsible supplier choices.

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