Web Application Security Essentials training at AppSecEU 2018

The OWASP Annual AppSec EU Security Conference is the premier application security conference for European developers and security experts. AppSec EU provides attendees with insight into leading speakers for application security and cyber security, training sessions on various applications, networking, connections and exposure to the best practices in cybersecurity.The event begins with thirteen different hands-on pre-conference training programs from 2nd to 4th of July 2018. This is an exceptional opportunity to attend one of the many training courses offered by various well known, industry experts, and future pioneers of the application security industry.As part of this program, Fabio Cerullo will be delivering a 2-day Web Application Security Essentials training course. Participants are given access to a purpose-built web application that contains vulnerabilities discussed during the course and are asked to exploit them using different open source tools and techniques.For more information, visit