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The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals continues to grow in response to increased reliance on technology matched by a steady rise in cybercrime. The European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF) establishes a common understanding of the roles, competencies, skills, and knowledge required in the cybersecurity field.   Why the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework is important The ECSF provides a structured approach to defining and recognising cybersecurity skills, helping individuals to effectively manage their professional development and career paths.  By aligning certification credentials with professional roles, the ECSF bridges the gap between the professional workplace

Companies rely on ISC2-certified professionals to prepare for and recover from cyberattacks. ISC2 certifications are recognised as the gold standard in the industry and demonstrate comprehensive and professional knowledge critical to developing and protecting systems and data.  With ISC2 certifications so highly regarded in the cybersecurity industry, there is no shortage of training companies that offer preparation for the ISC2 certification exam. Not all of these are affiliated with ISC2. It is important to know who you’re partnering with and understand the benefits of engaging an ISC2 Official Training Partner. As an

ISC2 has introduced Computerized Adaptive Testing for CISSP exams. Based on the same exam content outline as the linear, fixed-form exam, CISSP Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) is a more precise and efficient evaluation of your competency. CISSP CAT enables you to prove your knowledge by answering fewer items and completing the exam in half the time. How Does it Work? “Each candidate taking the CISSP CAT exam will start with an item that is well below the passing standard. Following a candidate's response to an item, the scoring algorithm re-estimates the candidate's

Many cybersecurity professionals have questions about the Certified Cloud Security Professional CCSP certification – what is it, why should I consider it, what is involved and lots more. If you are thinking about ISC2 CCSP Certification and are interested in learning more about the process and requirements, the Certified Cloud Security Professional CCSP - FAQ may give you some answers. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we would be delighted to answer your questions. What is the Certified Cloud Security Professional CCSP

“AI in Cyber 2024: Is the Cybersecurity Profession Ready?” is a survey of 1,123 ISC2 members with security responsibilities. The results provide insight into what is the impact of AI on the cybersecurity industry. The development and capabilities of AI have accelerated in recent years. What was once the stuff of movies is very much a reality. Here are some of the key insights from the AI in Cyber 2024 survey.   AI is having an impact on the cybersecurity industry. This impact is expected to increase as professionals utilise AI-based tool and in responding

Web application vulnerabilities can be exploited to access critical and confidential data. Join Fabio Cerullo at OWASP 2024 Global AppSec Lisbon for a highly interactive session on Web Application Security Essentials Web applications play a key role in the success of an organisation, from streamlining business processes to creating online interactions that ensure a positive customer experience. However, web applications do allow access to critical and confidential resources. But, without understanding web application vulnerabilities and addressing them, organisations risk their data, their operations and their reputation. At OWASP 2024 Global AppSec

Aon's 2023 Global Risk Management Survey: Navigating Cybersecurity and AI in a Transforming World In an era where digital transformation is accelerating, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) related risks are evolving rapidly and therefore it’s crucial for business leaders to adapt and respond proactively. Aon's 2023 Global Risk Management Survey provides a comprehensive overview of the risk landscape facing organizations today and in the near future. Key themes include the interconnectedness of various risks and the increasing importance of human capital in risk management. The insights are drawn from a wide

Cyber Ireland commissioned a report to assess the recent, current, and upcoming demand for cyber security talent in Ireland.  The Cyber Labour Market Report offers clear evidence of the increasing demand for cyber security talent in across all Irish regions. The demand for cyber security expertise in Ireland offers significant opportunities for supporting regional employment growth. According to the Cyber Labour Market Report , the advertised median salary for cybersecurity professionals almost double the national median salary. The insights from the report will be used by Cyber Ireland to ensure that Ireland’s

It is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and as organisations look to safeguard confidential data and support the growth of their business, we focus on the importance of engaging all employees to play their part in bolstering the security and resilience of the organisation - and the connection between Cybersecurity Awareness and Certification. Do you wish to Minimise the chances of a cyberattack being successful? Empower your employees with the latest cybersecurity knowledge? Demonstrate to clients your commitment to protecting their information? Cybersecurity awareness and certification can help you achieve these goals. New technologies

On September 15, 2023, the CSSLP credential exam will see some updates and changes as was previously announced on January 18, 2023. As with all ISC2 certifications, this exam update is based on a Job Task Analysis (JTA) process which ensures the exam accurately reflects the industry.   Effective September 15, 2023 An exam that is up to date ensures that those who hold the CSSLP, such as software development and security professionals, are applying best practices during each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)– from software design and implementation to testing and deployment. Q: Why