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November 2023

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Cyber Ireland commissioned a report to assess the recent, current, and upcoming demand for cyber security talent in Ireland.  The Cyber Labour Market Report offers clear evidence of the increasing demand for cyber security talent in across all Irish regions. The demand for cyber security expertise in Ireland offers significant opportunities for supporting regional employment growth. According to the Cyber Labour Market Report , the advertised median salary for cybersecurity professionals almost double the national median salary. The insights from the report will be used by Cyber Ireland to ensure that Ireland’s

On April 15, 2024, ISC2 will refresh the CISSP credential exam. These updates are the result of the Job Task Analysis (JTA), which is an analysis of the current content of the credential evaluated by ISC2 members on a triennial cycle. Q: Why are changes being made to the CISSP exam? A: ISC2 has an obligation to its membership to maintain the relevancy of its credentials. These enhancements are the result of a rigorous, methodical process that ISC2 follows to routinely update its credential exams. This process ensures that the examinations and