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How to Utilise the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework to Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Cover of the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework user guideThe demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals continues to grow in response to increased reliance on technology matched by a steady rise in cybercrime. The European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF) establishes a common understanding of the roles, competencies, skills, and knowledge required in the cybersecurity field.


Why the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework is important

The ECSF provides a structured approach to defining and recognising cybersecurity skills, helping individuals to effectively manage their professional development and career paths.  By aligning certification credentials with professional roles, the ECSF bridges the gap between the professional workplace and learning environments. It is of huge value to organisations, providing a clear pathway to upskilling employees to ensure they have the competencies needed to take on specific cybersecurity roles.

How the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework Organises Cybersecurity Roles

The ECSF organizes cybersecurity-related roles into 12 comprehensive profiles. Each details the responsibilities, skills, synergies, and interdependencies associated with the role. This breakdown facilitates a common understanding of roles and competencies, aiding in the development of relevant training programs and ensuring a standardised approach.

Explore the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework and ISC2 Certification Alignment

The “ISC2 Certification Coverage of ECSF Roles” table maps how ISC2 certifications align with the ECSF roles. This helps individuals and organizations understand which certifications ensure they are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape.

Click here to view the table and take the next step to develop the cybersecurity skills to keep pace with cybersecurity.

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The ISC2 Certification Coverage of ECSF Roles was originally posted on the ISC2 website