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What is the impact of AI on the Cybersecurity Industry?

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“AI in Cyber 2024: Is the Cybersecurity Profession Ready?” is a survey of 1,123 ISC2 members with security responsibilities. The results provide insight into what is the impact of AI on the cybersecurity industry.

The development and capabilities of AI have accelerated in recent years. What was once the stuff of movies is very much a reality. Here are some of the key insights from the AI in Cyber 2024 survey.


AI is having an impact on the cybersecurity industry.

This impact is expected to increase as professionals utilise AI-based tool and in responding to attacks. Respondents cited not only an increase in cyber threats, but greater evidence of AI generated threats and illustrated the very subtle signs that indicate an attack is automated as opposed to human based.

The impact of AI on the cybersecurity industry is positive

Greater efficiency is the most positive outcome of AI on cybersecurity professional’s role and there is a strong the expectation that AI will significantly impact their role in the future. This is most acutely felt in roles that feature time consuming, repetitive functions.

The cyber threat is real

Bad actors are using AI for malicious acts – with the focus on mis information and deception attacks. With major elections taking place around the world, this creates significant concern for corporations, individuals and governments alike.

AI readiness is key

Education and best practice for use are essential for professionals to leverage AI in their organisations. This includes having a policy on safe and ethical use as well as the more practical aspects of deployment. There is a general feeling that regulation and policy at a government level must catch up with the use of AI.

Read the full survey report from ISC2. This offers more details on how the industry is impacted by AI and how cybersecurity professionals see the evolution of this technology progressing.  (This link will bring you to the ISC2 website).

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