Benefits of CSSLP training for Rob van der Veer

Name: Rob van der Veer
Title: Principal consultant
Employer: Software Improvement Group
Location: Amsterdam
Education: Computer Science MSc
Years in IT: 30 years
Years in cybersecurity: 30 years
Cybersecurity certifications: CSSLP


What made you decide to become CSSLP certified?
It was my initiative to get CSSLP certified. I saw the certification as an opportunity to provide our team of software security professionals with an industry recognized accreditation that demonstrates our expertise.
We specialise in software engineering quality and help our clients improve the security and maintainability of their software. Therefore, as a company and as a team of software security professionals, we were already familiar with the CSSLP domains.
Still, I wanted our experts to align more on the theoretical foundation and use the training to exchange our experiences, so to learn from each other as well.

Why did you attend a class-room based 5-day CSSLP Training Seminar?
The class-room setting allowed our group to exchange our experiences and reflect on them, with the help of the trainer.

What made the 5-day CSSLP Training Seminar a good learning experience?
The class-room discussions were great learning experiences, especially because of the useful moderation and input from the trainer.

Would you recommend the 5-day CSSLP Training Seminar with Cycubix to other Information Security Professionals – why?
Yes. The 5 day training helps the students to get acquainted with all the material and discuss it with real life examples – which is the best way to really let the concepts sink in.

How has the CSSLP certification helped you in your role?
Individually and as group our insight has been enriched, and the CSSLP certificate itself provides an additional proof to our clients that we offer them best-in-class services.


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