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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Empower your staff with Cybersecurity Awareness & Certification

Cybersecurity Awareness and CertificationIt is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and as organisations look to safeguard confidential data and support the growth of their business, we focus on the importance of engaging all employees to play their part in bolstering the security and resilience of the organisation – and the connection between Cybersecurity Awareness and Certification.

Do you wish to

  • Minimise the chances of a cyberattack being successful?
  • Empower your employees with the latest cybersecurity knowledge?
  • Demonstrate to clients your commitment to protecting their information?

Cybersecurity awareness and certification can help you achieve these goals. New technologies bring security challenges that need to be understood and strategies adapted. To achieve this, your workforce requires continuous training to stay current on industry trends, best practices and regulations.

Create a robust culture of security

Cybercriminals continue to target employees with social engineering tactics. Therefore it is key that anyone (including, and perhaps especially, non-cybersecurity professionals) that has access to sensitive information knows how to handle it securely and how to follow best practices to protect it. They should be given the knowledge to identify and report any suspicious activities to allow the organisation to respond effectively to a potential breach. Cybersecurity Awareness training integrates security into all roles, forming a vital part of an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy. To be successful, security needs to be the responsibility of everyone.

Elevate Cybersecurity Awareness with Certification training

Certified awareness training offers organisations a way to ensure that the content is comprehensive and current and that the material is in line with industry standards.
A cybersecurity certification ensures organisations receive updated, quality content developed by a respected institution. The assessment or exam at the end of training ensures that participants have acquired the necessary skills and are ready to put into practice what they have learned. ISC2’s Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) provides a reputable security awareness course that helps empower the critical human element. ISC2 is the world’s leading Cybersecurity Professional Organisation, and its information security certifications are recognised globally as the gold standard for excellence. What makes Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) unique is that it requires no experience or formal education in Cybersecurity.

Expand cybersecurity expertise within the organisation

As organisations look to reinforce cybersecurity expertise to safeguard their confidential data and support the growth of their business, finding talent can be challenging. In offering employees a certification in cybersecurity, new cybersecurity talent that may already exist within the organisation can be identified and nurtured. This is a smart way to build strong teams with individuals who already understand your systems, processes and culture.

What to expect from Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) training with a Senior ISC2 Authorised Instructor

This new certification teaches the fundamentals around the terminology and addresses the “why” of cybersecurity.

As an Official Training Partner (OTP) for ISC2 we offer training sessions led by a Senior ISC2 Authorised Instructor to build a solid foundation of knowledge tested on the entry-level Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) exam.

  •  As an ISC2 Official Training Partner, attendees benefit from the most up-to-date official content, delivered by an Authorised ISC2 Instructor with a deep understanding of the subject matter and the ability to explain it effectively.
  • Interactive and Engaging – The combination of real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises creates an interactive environment that brings the content to life. Participants share their ideas and experiences to provide an invaluable learning opportunity.
  • Internationally recognised instructorsOur world-class Authorised ISC2 Instructors have delivered training to thousands of IT and security professionals worldwide in cyber, cloud, and application security. In addition to their cybersecurity training experience, they assist clients in addressing real-world cybersecurity challenges. This ensures that they are continuously updating their knowledge with insights from a diverse range of industries – from financial and government institutions to software companies and start-ups – so they can explain cybersecurity best practices and their application effectively.
  • Exam Vouchers for CC Certification – As an ISC2 Official Training Partner we can offer Exam Vouchers for ISC2 certification exams. Get your team certified to demonstrate your commitment to Cybersecurity.

Who is the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) training right for?

There is no specific work experience in cybersecurity or formal education prerequisites to take the Certified in Cybersecurity exam.  This makes it accessible and relevant to non-cybersecurity professionals that need to or are interested to know more about cybersecurity. Only basic knowledge of information technology (IT) is recommended:


  •   Students
  •   Young Professionals
  •   Recent college graduates looking to start their path toward cybersecurity leadership.


  •   IT Professionals
  •   Career Changers

Business Teams

  • Board level executives
  • Management
  • Team Leaders
  • Business cybersecurity champions and leads
  • Staff with access to critical information and processes (HR, Finances, Vendor Management, etc)
  • Employees seeking foundational knowledge in cybersecurity (Audit, Compliance, etc)

Entry-Level Cybersecurity Job Roles

  •   Security analyst
  •   Security specialist
  •   Security architect
  •   Security auditor
  •   Forensic specialist/analyst
  •   Junior penetration tester
  •   Security engineer
  •   Auditor
  •   IT security manager
  •   Systems administrator

As cybersecurity becomes an even greater priority, continuous learning and education are essential. Building a culture of security that involves all employees and leveraging cybersecurity certification training can help organisations to enhance their overall resilience. By empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to protect against cyber threats, organisations can mitigate risks and be ready to respond to threats.

Ready to fortify your cyber resilience? Keen on equipping your team with the latest in cybersecurity expertise? Showcase your dedication to protecting client’s data?

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.