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July 2020

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Version 1.0 of the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK) has been published by a team of UK academia working with expert authors and reviewers from around the world. There is a long-recognised skills gap within the cyber security sector and the purpose of CyBOK is to inform and underpin education and professional training for this sector. This Body of Knowledge provides - for the first time - a mapping to established cyber security knowledge that already exists in literature such as textbooks, academic research articles, technical reports, white papers and

Contact tracing has been identified by health officials as one of the main pillars in slowing down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For this reason, the Health Service Executive (HSE), introduced a national COVID-19 mobile tracking application - the COVID Tracker App. Use of the COVID Tracker App is voluntary and it is intended to improve the speed and the accuracy of the tracing process. The app uses the phone's Bluetooth and anonymous IDs to log close contact with another phone that has also the app, the distance between the

Cycubix is delighted to announce it has recently become a member of of Cyber Ireland. Together with key stakeholders from Industry, Academia and Government, Cycubix looks forward to representing and supporting the needs of the Cyber Security Ecosystem in Ireland. The goal of the organisation is to make Ireland a global cybersecurity leader from the point of view of talent and skills, research and innovation, boosting SME exports, and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). At Cycubix, we are committed to helping professionals and organisations keep pace with ever changing challenges and requirements