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June 2021

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  A Cybersecurity program is universally essential, and employers need to continue to invest in their teams to ensure they develop the skills they need to support the business. Training should be structured but should also be tailored to the requirements of the organisation. Download this guide to learn more about the fundamentals of a training and education program and how they can be successfully applied across organisations and industries. Click on the image or HERE to view the The Enterprise Guide to Establishing a Cybersecurity Program

On three separate occasions this week I was given pause to consider the development of cybersecurity skills and the associated education and training we need to acquire them. To start with, on Saturday I read an excellent piece in the Irish Times by Fintan O’Toole called “No one is safe when half of us are digitally illiterate” (behind paywall). On the Monday of the following week I met a long-time security friend at a funeral. We discussed the abundance of training on offer, much of it being promoted by very well recognised