(ISC)² Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) – Martina Costelloe

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Name: Martina Costelloe
Title: SVP Information Security
Employer: SMBC Aviation Capital
Location: Dublin
Years in IT: 39
Years in cybersecurity: 28
Cybersecurity certifications: CCSP, CISSP, CISA, CISM

1) What made you decide to become CCSP certified?
It had been several years since I attained my Information Security certifications. My role had changed, and the organisation was starting to look at moving some on-premises activities to the cloud. I needed to develop the skills to support this technology strategy. I was looking for a certification that would provide me with the core principles of cloud security but with a strong governance focus. Although the CCSK and covered the operational elements of cloud security, I felt that the CCSP provided the context to effectively manage the governance aspect too. From my own career development, certification provides an objective endorsement and a validation of knowledge and skills.

2) Why did you attend a Live Online 5-day CCSP Seminar?
There were two main reasons for choosing CCSP training with Cycubix. The first was that it is an (ISC)² certification. I have taken other certification training courses and I have confidence in the quality and relevancy of the (ISC)²content. The second reason was the course instructor. I had attended training seminars delivered by Fabio before and he had also provided training to our team in the past. I knew how he effectively he facilitated the class, and how this plays a vital role in learning material of this kind.

3) What made the 5-day CCSP Live Online Training Seminar a good learning experience?
The content of the course was exactly what I hoped it would be. The cloud architecture concepts may not be something I will use daily, but they are essential to helping me manage the strategy and engage with my development team as they work in the cloud.
Due to the pandemic, the course was online. This worked very well, with positive and engaging interaction between Fabio and all the attendees. Some of the concepts are complex and require a bit of processing. Fabio was excellent at asking the right questions and giving everyone time to ensure they fully understood the material.

4) Would you recommend the 5-day CCSP Live Online Training Seminar with Cycubix to other Information Security Professionals – why?
Absolutely, based on my experience of other Cycubix training delivered inhouse to our development teams. Regardless of the stage an organisation is at on their cloud strategy, the course is of huge value. For an information security professional, the course provides an opportunity to expand their skillset and help them to understand the unique security requirements of the cloud. The pace and format of the training works very well with the content and concepts of the course. Having an opportunity to interact with Fabio and other attendees makes for a very productive and effective training experience.

5) How has this course contributed to how you carry out your role?
There are unique circumstances to be considered when moving from on premises to the cloud. What was relevant before may not be when looking at the cloud. This requires specific skills to ensure that people have access to the information they need, and the correct controls are in place. The course has given me a greater understanding of the cloud security architecture, design, and application development in the cloud and more confidence in managing cloud security for the organisation. Governance is essential to maintaining cloud security and the course has given me the knowledge to make good security decisions that manage risk and support the business.

The (ISC)² certification exams are well known for being difficult and having some existing information security experience would certainly be an advantage to any candidates. I would recommend information security professionals that are starting their career, gain some experience and work to developing their technical skills ahead of considering the CCSP certification.

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