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December 2022

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We have some top tips to stop you running in to any online shopping traps during the busy shopping period. The first piece of advice is to relax, don’t think that everything you do online is a trap, or someone trying to get something out of you.     Breathe This is probably the most important part of online shopping. Take a moment to breathe and assess the situation. Even if you are in work and under pressure to complete a transaction, it’s better to take that moment to check what you are doing

Following a full house at OWASP 2022 Global AppSec in San Francisco, Fabio Cerullo will be delivering a highly interactive session on Web Application Security Essentials at OWASP 2023 Global AppSec Dublin     This  training has been updated to align with the recent changes to the OWASP Top 10 2021 – the world-renowned reference document that details the most critical security risks to web applications. This ensures that the course provides the most up to date knowledge for attendees. The course provides the knowledge and resources required to evaluate the security of web

As the new year approaches it is interesting to speculate about how cybersecurity challenges and how they are addressed may change in 2023.     Deloitte reveals 10 strategic cybersecurity predictions for 2023 Board cybersecurity readiness will become business imperative Connected device visibility and security will be a major area of focus for most organizations Security in emerging technologies will be critical in their adoption Data-centric security and privacy will become imperative to building brand and customer trust Focus of future-forward readiness Organizational resilience will continue to be the focus Complex supply chain