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August 2021

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Learn about Secure Software Development from CCSLPs around the world Software security requires a creative and disciplined approach and a vision to develop secure strategy, tactics and execution. Excelling in the discipline demands thinking through the entire software lifecycle and enforcing security as a first-thought process. The (ISC)² Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) is a comprehensive certification that addresses the spectrum of software lifecycle security. This eBook -  developed by (ISC)² - will enable you learn from CSSLPs around the globe about how the CSSLP has helped them succeed in their endeavors

SSCP Domain Refresh FAQ Why are changes being made to the SSCP exam? (ISC)² has an obligation to its membership to maintain the relevancy of its credentials and follows a rigorous, methodical process to routinely update its credential exams. This SSCP Domain Refresh FAQ details the updates. These ensure that the examinations and subsequent continuing professional education requirements encompass the topic areas relevant to the roles and responsibilities of today's practicing information security practitioner. How is the SSCP exam changing? The content of the SSCP has been refreshed to reflect the most pertinent issues

Why are small businesses reluctant to tackle the security question?  Why do they continuously avoid all discussions about risk and security? I believe that it’s not because they’re irresponsible, or that they don’t care about their business. I’m of the firm opinion that it’s mainly due to the Information/Cyber Security industry itself. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) have been used by many security professionals during conversations with their clients (and prospective clients) about risk. They’ve told their clients that their businesses are going to crash and fail; their sensitive data is going to