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Systems Security Certified Practitioner – SSCP Domain Refresh FAQ

SSCP Domain Refresh FAQ

Why are changes being made to the SSCP exam?

(ISC)² has an obligation to its membership to maintain the relevancy of its credentials and follows a rigorous, methodical process to routinely update its credential exams. This SSCP Domain Refresh FAQ details the updates. These ensure that the examinations and subsequent continuing professional education requirements encompass the topic areas relevant to the roles and responsibilities of today’s practicing information security practitioner.

How is the SSCP exam changing?

The content of the SSCP has been refreshed to reflect the most pertinent issues that information security practitioners currently face, along with the best practices for mitigating those issues. Some topics have been updated while others have been realigned. The result is an exam that most accurately reflects the hands-on, technical IT skills and practical security knowledge required by practitioners to support an organization’s mission and operations.

You can view the new SSCP Exam Outline effective November 1, 2021 online. As a result of the content refresh, we have updated the domain weights as follows:

SSCP Domain Refresh Weighting Chart

Why do domains for (ISC)² credential exams change?

Domains change because it is a reflection of a change in the knowledge, skills and abilities, as indicated by experts through the Job Task Analysis process.

When will these changes go into effect?

The changes will begin on November 1, 2021.

In what language will the refreshed SSCP exam be available?

The refreshed SSCP exam will be available in English, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.
Will this change the number of questions or the time required to take the SSCP exam?
No. The SSCP exam will have the same number of items (125), and the time required to take the exam will be the same (3 hours).

If I have been studying for the SSCP exam with material that focuses on the current domains, will I be sufficiently prepared to take the new exam without additional study?

(ISC)² exams are experience-based that include experience-based questions that cannot be learned by studying alone. If you already have the experience in the domains covered in SSCP and believe that you have sufficiently studied those domains, you should feel confident that you are qualified to take the new exam and pass it. (ISC)² cannot guarantee you will pass the exam.

Do these updates affect the experience requirement for the SSCP?

No. For the SSCP, a candidate is required to have a minimum of one year of cumulative work experience in one or more of the seven domains of the SSCP CBK.

What impact do these changes have on (ISC)² training materials?

The Official (ISC)² SSCP Training Course will be updated in November 2021.


The SSCP Domain Refresh FAQ content was originally posted on the (ISC)² website

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