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Go and Grow Online: Five ways to manage your business cybersecurity

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As part of the Enterprise Nation Go and Grow Online Series, Richard Nealon delivered a session called “Five ways to manage your business cybersecurity”.  Designed to address the needs of small business owners, the presentation explains the actions needed to manage cybersecurity effectively by taking the approach that is right for your business.

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Learn more about these five ways to manage your business cybersecurity:​

  • Taking a risk based approach;
  • Ensuring a culture fit;
  • Thinking smart;
  • Implementing comprehensive controls;
  • Validation.


About Richard Nealon

In this Go and Grow session, Richard Nealon draws on over 35 years’ experience to provide attendees with valuable insights to help them understand and address their cybersecurity challenges. In his role as a vCISO with clients across a range of industries, Richard has worked with clients to enable them to manage their cyber risk. In addition to vCISO services, Cycubix offers cybersecurity consultancy services tailored to help clients secure the applications critical to their business.

About Go and Grow Online

Enterprise Nation supports 20,000 small businesses across Ireland to improve their digital skills. Go and Grow Online offers interactive workshops, e-learning modules and free in-person consultations to boost digital knowledge and take businesses to the next level.